Zoo of Fréjus

An oasis of biodiversity can be discovered at the zoo of Fréjus, a 20-minute drive from Hotel Bloom. This park is open every day and has animals like you've never seen them before! Mammals, birds, special reptiles and many more beautiful animals.


Also known as the Zoological and Botanical Park, the zoo was founded in 1971. The street leading to the park, Rue Hubert Masquefa, is named after the park's founder, Hubert Masquefa. The park is maintained and maintained by a small motivated team and they do everything they can to provide the animals/residents with the daily care. A visit to the Zoological Park of Fréjus creates a moment of relaxation in an environment where young and old can better understand the animal world. The park has a Mediterranean environment, which is the ideal climate for the housed animal species.

Baby boomers

There are new residents in the park and they are anxiously waiting to meet you and/or your children. The park is open every day from 10.30am to 5.30pm!