Typical French food

Going on holiday abroad and guaranteed good food? Then book a holiday to France and enjoy the typical French dishes. So what is typical French food? You can read that here.

The best breakfast? You experience that in France. Start your day with a French breakfast and enjoy a freshly baked baguette, yogurt, a glass of fresh orange juice, fruit and last but not least; a croissant. Because the tastiest croissants can be found in France! Do you like sweets? Even then a typical French breakfast is something for you. In France it is customary to have sweets for breakfast, a real French specialty is a chocolate sandwich. So don't forget to taste it during your visit to France!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The French think otherwise! The French do not have lunch with 2 sandwiches and a glass of milk, but take plenty of time and often make a 3 or 4 course menu. They start with a salad as a starter and eat a piece of meat or fish as a main course. In addition, it is customary to drink a glass of red wine and taste a slice of every piece of cheese on the cheese board. For dessert, a strong cup of coffee is the most popular.

For a culinary dinner you have come to the right place at the French. During your stay in France, try ratatouille, a typical French vegetable stew. Usually served with a crusty baguette with herb butter. Are you a meat lover? Then order Boeuf Bourguignon, an authentic French recipe with beef stewed in red wine. Or opt for a steak tartare, a luxurious piece of meat in combination with onions, capers and herbs. Then finish your meal with crème brûlée, an absolute must when dining in France!

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